The Rise of Hotel Self-Check-In Services

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The hotel business is one of the most profitable industries around the world. The business profits from the travel industry, as they bring in tourists and customers from other countries. Other than that, the travel industry also works hand in hand with the transport industry, accommodation sector, and the food and beverage sector. 

The hospitality industry can be categorized under the accommodation sector, along with Airbnb, timeshare accommodation, bed and breakfast, hostels, camping, and farmhouse accommodation. Hotels are at the forefront of all these options, as they provide impeccable service that allows the tourists to feel special. 

Hotels provide lodging for guests, but they also provide other extra services. These services are the standard that makes them differ from other accommodation options. The hotel staff is trained to ensure the tourists’ satisfaction, which in turn makes them feel cared for and appreciated. 

hotel self-check-in kiosks in Malaysia

However, with the rise of the industry in many aspects, comes new problems and issues. The latest issue with the hotel industry includes the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic changed the course of the travel industry, ultimately affecting the hotel industry as well. With the halt of incoming travelers, the hotel industry received a fatal blow to their economy. 

After the inoculation of a majority of the world’s population, Slowly but surely, the industry has picked up its pace. Tourism is back on track, and travelers can now visit certain countries that have opened up their tourism industry. 

Travelers are still advised to adhere to the protocols, to ensure that the virus and its variants do not spread. Here is where hotel self-check-in comes to the rescue. To inhibit interactions between the staff and travelers, e-kiosks were introduced to hotels. 

There are two other major benefits that come with this introduction.

Reduces Human Errors

Humans are imperfect, despite how hard they try to be perfect. So, there is no telling what mistakes might occur when a staff handles a tourist. They may misspell a name, assign the wrong room, and even double book a room. 

Ultimately, this causes unnecessary frustrations among the travelers and staff alike. Eventually, the customers feel unappreciated and unsatisfied after the experience. This leads them to leave a bad review on the hotel, which will affect the hotel’s reputation. 

Self-check-in kiosks can solve these issues. Customers are required to insert the information themselves, so the possibility of human errors is minimal. After entering the information, staff can retrieve the details and prepare the rooms and services accordingly. All this can be done without the physical interaction between staff and customers. 

hotel self-check-in kiosks in Malaysia

Abolishes Long Check-In Lines

Check-In lines are usually long, especially during the holiday season. The check-in takes time when the staff has to handle the orders of many different customers at the same time. Travelers are usually tired after their long and exhausting trip, if they are met with a long line soon after, they will feel more exhausted. 

Self-check-ins allow the customers to skip the long line. It is convenient and hassle-free as they can head straight up to their assigned rooms after the check-in. Their experience with the hotel will allow them to feel satisfied as they are met with no problems during their vacation. 

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