Stretch Mark Creams For Pregnancy: Do They Work?

stretch mark cream for pregnancy Malaysia

People frequently say that being pregnant is like going on a wonderful adventure, with an even better reward at the end: a precious little human being. However, not everyone experiences it in the same way. Pregnancy is not simple for everyone, and many women have challenges and issues during their pregnancies. It is vital to recognize and understand this. After a long and exhausting pregnancy, many mothers feel glad when the baby is born.

In addition, it is critical to recognize the challenges that women may face after giving birth, many of which may stem from the physical changes that had to place in their bodies. Because of the last nine months of pregnancy, a woman’s physique will naturally alter after childbirth. A lot of women, especially those who don’t “bounce back” or have stretch marks, have a hard time accepting this, especially if they don’t “bounce back.” If you’re one of those moms who like to show off their stretch marks by calling them “tiger stripes,” then you’re in the minority. Despite the many lotions and creams out there that promise to remove stretch marks, it is crucial to know if they truly work before a mother spends her hard-earned money on them all.

stretch mark cream for pregnancy Malaysia

There must be a reason.

To understand why products may or may not work on stretch marks, it is vital to look at the cause of their occurrence first. Stretch marks are caused when a person’s body develops faster than their skin is able to keep up with, according to WebMD. Our skin is left with a stretch mark when the elastic fibres under the surface of the skin break. In most cases, the scars will begin as a dark red or purple and gradually lighten to white or grey as time passes. The scars that stretch marks leave on the body are vital.

Is a Cream Necessary?

Stretch mark cream has not been proven to be effective in preventing or totally eliminating them, reports Women’s Health Mag. Even though moisturizing the skin is usually a good idea, no miracle product will make them magically disappear from your body. There are some individuals who think these products work since stretch marks normally fade with time, but they feel that the cream routine that these people have been following is responsible for them, experts say.

What Else Can You Do?

A woman who is particularly self-conscious about her stretch marks may be disappointed, but there are several therapies that may help them vanish. Stretch marks are scars, and scars don’t go away; they are permanent, according to Medicine Net. They will go away with time, and there is a stretch mark cream for pregnancy in Malaysia you may use to hasten the process. Although hyaluronic acid-based creams are the greatest choice for reducing stretch mark visibility, bear in mind that the longer the mark has been there, the less likely it is that any cream will be to assist.