4 Reasons To Start Your Cooking Blog

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Food– a love language spoken from the moment of birth. If you consider yourself the next champion culinary whizz, why not take your food to the internet and share your love for cuisine with the rest of the world? The world of food is growing as people find ways to include certain ingredients or eliminate them, or alter some dishes for cultural purposes. There are more ways to prepare the typical ‘burger and fries’ meal today than there were ten year ago. There is immense creativity in the culinary industry, and this is because it requires innovation to rework a dish while still maintaining the integrity of its deliciousness. While several people can confidently say that they are competent in the kitchen, not everyone can create dishes that are unique and easy. If you fancy yourself a culinary creative, here are four reasons why you should start a cooking blog.

1.     It Is Affordable 

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Starting a food blog does not require much effort or skill in site-building. While the fundamental knowledge is required, you don’t have to be a genius to set it up, and more importantly, you don’t have to be rich to own one. If you want a domain to yourself then you may require a yearly payment, depending on the site builder you use (if you choose to use one). If you want to formalise your site, make it more legitimate to internet searchers, consider purchasing a domain. Even if you are not a professional chef and you simply enjoy making simple meals, you can turn it into a lucrative business. Consult an SEO specialist Malaysia who can help you with your site and make sure you get traffic when you post your blog material. At the end of the day all you really need are a few pots and pans and an appetite to create something appetising

2.     You Can Set Up A Site On Any Platform

The truth about blogging is that it has been diversified over time to adapt to almost any kind of media platform. If you aren’t drawn to the idea of setting a formal site on a site-builder, you can easily start your blog on a different platform. Instagram is the perfect place to experiment with your cooking. It not only awards you  great exposure (if done right), it is also completely free and only requires payment if you want to advertise your business in a more formal manner. With Instagram, you can post pictures, videos and text, implementing hashtags and the ‘@’ function to connect to other people and blogs similar to yours. This way it builds the interaction between your platform and those who enjoy culinary content. Furthermore, Instagram provides great extra features such as filter selections, stickers and ‘stories’ to maximise the attractiveness of your blog. 

3.     You Could Learn More About Cooking

Starting a blog is a great way to not only share information, but to also learn more about the field you are in. It is, unlike most people suggest, a two-way reward. As you build your presence on your site, you are most likely going to interact with like-minded individuals. Networking assists in you learning more concepts not only on the cooking techniques you are invested in, but also building on ways to promote your content so that it reaches more people. Do not be afraid to approach people who are doing well on their blog. The best way is probably to approach those with a smaller following because they often take the time to respond to messages sent to them. 

4.     You Could Inspire Somebody Else

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Taking the step to start a blog is difficult. As people, we fear societal judgement and failure, so starting something you have never done before can be scary. Don’t let that fear dictate your limitations. Start your blog. While you may find it challenging, it is not impossible. Age should not be what stops you from doing what you enjoy and sharing that with others. It takes some commitment and time, but at the end of the day if you are passionate about it and enjoy what you do, you can sustain your blog and grow it. Your ability to grow your platform can inspire somebody else to take the first crucial step, too, and start doing something that they are passionate about.