Blogging As A Roofer: How To Blog Like A Pro

When we start out as bloggers we are often lost and confused. There are so many unanswered questions and so much to figure out. The task gets harder the more narrowed down our topics get. As roofers, blogging can be twice as hard but also somewhat a lot easier to market. Let’s deep dive into the reasons why it’s both so hard and easy.

Roofing blogs are extremely targeted to a specific target audience. And depending on your location, and area the number of people in the target audience gets even more narrowed down. Before viewing this as a bad thing, remember that this is our goal. Our goal is to tap into the pool of narrowed-down, targeted profitable customers. These are the people who are going to search for things like how to do a metal roof installation Malaysia or how to clean mold up on the roof. On the other hand, since your niche is only about roofs and roofing companies, what we can write about it is extremely constricted. There is only so much we can write about roofs. Eventually, we have to find new ways to make our roofing content sound more engaging. As roofers who are also bloggers, this is where we often get stuck. 

There are so many ways we can blog like absolute pros, even with a niche topic like roofs. When we understand our customers the process of making content for our customers becomes a lot easier. The process of creation should be based on creating value for your customers. After all, the end goal is to distribute knowledge and attract them towards you. This is called a form of inbound marketing for your business. 

So what are some ways you can make your blog more interactive and engaging? 

Use Visually Compelling Elements 

Our attention span is no less than 10 seconds. It is probably even less than that. It takes around 5 to scan and see if it’s worth any more attention than that. So how do we capture the attention of the targeted audience within such limited time? The answer lies in visualizations.  Visual elements consist of graphics and other compelling design elements. You can use the power of small infographics to spread value information or you can simply use the power of short videos to distribute value. 

Product Information And Knowledge 

Another tip for roofers is to include as much as information you can that is related to your products, such as tips, checklists, and tutorials. You can teach your customers how to keep their roof clean, how to avoid leads, why maintain the roof, how to install a roof and the list simply goes on. The content centered information you share, the more your audience will perceive you as competent and trustworthy. As a brand, you also look more credible and reliable as opposed to your competitors. 

Industrial Information 

Industrial information focuses on the things that are less related to the products you associate with but rather what that happens around you. What are the new trends to look out for in the roofing industry, or what are the pros and cons of building your own home and roof? Write as a specialist and a pro roofer, and people will definitely look up to you. They trust your words because you are confident in your knowledge about the roofing world. 

The more content, that is easy to read, engaging, unique and varied, the more people will be attracted to you. 

Kisah Best