4 Remodelling Pointers

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Remodelling is creative, fun and involves a lot of decision making that can make it hard to choose because everything and anything looks good enough. While we can’t take away your decisions, we can give you things to consider before you decide to remodel your home.

  1. Paint Options

Painting is the easiest to do, but the hardest to decide when it comes to remodelling. Choosing the wrong colour can establish the wrong tone for the room all together. Depending on what your room is for you want the colour to match the aesthetic readily. So for a wood-inspired lounge, try looking at beiges, off-whites and subtle muted browns. These colours can work well with a modern-style lounge that has a lot of silver elements to it. The decision is up to you and what you want to feel when you walk into your home. Different colours can spark different emotions in people and you want to ensure that this is a colour that you will not get bored off too quickly 

  1. Adding archways

If you are looking into seriously heavy construction you can look into archways. Archways always have a way of making the entrance into a room a surreal experience, like you’ve walked through a doorway to another world. If archways are not your thing, try walls. Light weight concrete Selangor is great for partitioning rooms. If you want to divide up a large space into two you could do so with a wall, or if you still want to create a spacious open area, you can get a partition made from glass to provide a chic and sophisticated interior design to your home. 

Light weight concrete Selangor
  1. Windows and glass features

Windows are a nice way to expand the space in a room, so your remodel could make space for some. Similarly, mirrors add the same effect and can turn the most boring space into an expressive and chic space. Celebrity homes showcase several of them with mirror features in their lounges, their dining spaces or even in their hallways. With windows you can add curtains to close for privacy. While some people prefer heavy-material curtains for their lounges, light curtains work as well. You can have light layered curtains if you are concerned with transparency but still want the area to feel breezy and well-aerated during the day. Experiment with different ares to add curtains in your area of remodelling.

  1. Wall shelves

Plants are a popular piece to add to your makeover and you can play around with the shape and size. Remodel your home to include shelves in your walls for them. Experiment with different shapes to open up or close up a space. The great thing about plants is they bring the outdoors indoors and inspire a natural environment that is easy to fall in love with. It exudes calmness and serenity. These shelves also work to place decorative pieces or photos of your loved ones.

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