Baby Bathing Essentials To Buy As Priority

Lansinoh mother care products

Of all the Lansinoh mother care products that you have, baby bathing essentials are not included in the list, and you only have a month before your baby is finally coming to the world. You must be aware that bathing your baby isn’t just a matter of rinsing and shampooing in a sink. What do you really need to fulfill your baby’s first bathing experience?

Baby bathtub

Baby basin. Baby bathtub. Whichever you call it, this tub is designed to safely accommodate your baby as its own bathtub, so long as you do not fill too much water. You may use a sink to bathe your baby, but it is better to have a tub to save water and avoid your baby from bumping their head against the pipe.

When filling the tub with water, it is very important that you only fill it to a few inches and no more. You will use a rinsing cup to scoop up water and clean your baby up. If you do otherwise and your baby accidentally falls or lies in the tub, they can drown in shallow water.

Alternatively, an even safer way is to just put your baby in the tub, turn on the shower, then only use it when you are rinsing the baby before and after you apply baby shampoo and body wash onto them.

Rinsing cup

As previously mentioned, a rinsing cup will be a tool you use to rinse your baby with water. You may think you can just do the same with your hands, which, sure, it can work, but it is inefficient and tiring, plus your hands won’t be able to scoop that much water anyway.

Meanwhile, the rinsing cup can make the job way easier. If the cup comes with a visor in the packaging, that is a plus as it can protect your baby’s eyes from water.

Cotton washcloth

This is good for scrubbing dirt, dry skin and so on from your baby. Soft and durable, a damp cotton washcloth is all you need to clean off dirt and dry skin during your baby’s bath time. Never use your fingernails as this is not only unhygienic, but especially when picking dry skin, you are doing nothing but irritate the skin further.

Hooded baby towel

What is more superior than a typical towel? A hooded one. Compared to regular towels, it holds onto your baby even better and cotton-made variants are recommended due to the material’s ultra soft and absorbent nature. 

Additionally, like its namesake, the towel has a hood to cover your baby’s head to warm them up, since heat loss occurs through the head for the toddler. When your baby is out of the tub, there is no worry of a cold any longer thanks to a hooded baby towel.

Bath toys

Lansinoh mother care products

Mentioning babies or children bathing would immediately bring up mental images of them in or around the bathtub accompanied by one or more of their rubber duckie mates. Cute and fun, buying baby bathing essentials might bring toys to cross your mind.

Besides rubber duckies, you can also get squirt toys, stacking cups and others for your baby to play and squeeze around while they are bathing, some which can improve their motor skills and encourage creative play.

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