Understanding Advantech Industrial PC Malaysia

The existence of computers and PC is not foreign to us in this current era of rising technologies. Throughout most of our lives, especially now, we are more dependent on computers and PC more than ever, especially during the pandemic since we were not allowed to be out of the house. When it comes to PC, most of us would think of the PC we mostly have at home, however, the use of PC and computers has also expanded outside domestic uses and are used for industrial purposes as well. One example of industrial uses would be the Advantech industrial PC Malaysia

Advantech industrial pc malaysia

What is an industrial PC?

The industrial PC is a type of computer that features a microcontroller and an integrated central processing unit; it finds extensive application in manufacturing environments and control systems of all kinds. It is based on the same fundamental technologies as other personal computers. In contrast, they are constructed and planned to be more trustworthy, with adaptable processing power and memory for a variety of purposes.

Why is it important to have an industrial PC for businesses?

Industrial personal computers (PCs) are utilized for a variety of tasks, including the management of complex processes and applications (such as logistics systems, data acquisition, image processing, and networking), as well as the execution of highly effective automation software (like robotics simulations).

With high-functioning PCs and effective automation software, it will provide a smooth workflow in the business, especially when your business specializes in producing and manufacturing products for clients. Having industrial PCs also contributes to doing complex tasks. It also provides an opportunity for manpower to focus on something that they can manage to avoid sustaining injury with handling heavy and complex tasks.

Benefits of adapting industrial PC into the workflow:

Personalizable Options

Industrial computers are constructed and used for just two primary objectives, whereas general-purpose computers are developed with a wide variety of features and capabilities to serve the greatest number of people. Industrial computers are built and used for both of these goals. The first step is to collect information, and the second step is to use software to direct the operation of machines. The software that runs the device is very adaptable and may be modified to meet the requirements of any individual market.

Advantech industrial pc malaysia


Industrial computers are important in many fields because they last a long time and aren’t easily broken. Places like factories and other high-stress places use these computers a lot. Even though regular computers need to be handled carefully, many industries use industrial computers because they can take more abuse. They can handle even the worst conditions and can take a beating while still absorbing the impact of a fall or shock from a stationary object. The motherboard also has a conformal covering that keeps dust and water from getting into it.


Because of the way in which industrial PCs are manufactured, they are well suited for use in environments in which they will be subjected to demanding conditions and in which a significant number of people will be counting on them to work reliably. To ensure that their products are reliable, producers will take up a lot of extra space in addition to installing watchdog timers, ensuring that the product will not overheat, and giving an SSD for trustworthy and speedy data storage.

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