The Advantages of Having One ERP Website for Your SAP Business.

The SAP integrated business planning in Malaysia

The development of e-commerce has enabled small and medium-sized enterprises to compete on a global scale with the largest corporations. It’s a thrilling concept to be able to sell to clients across the county or halfway around the world. Nevertheless, if you are not prepared, it might place a significant drain on your resources. If your back-end accounting system and your online shop aren’t linked, maintaining them in sync may take a lot of time and effort, and it can lead to costly accounting mistakes.

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The Advantages of Integration

The thing is, it will take the burden off your accountant simplifying their life, but it isn’t the only one. Integrating your ERP system with your e-commerce website will help you cope with the pressures that your online business throws on you. If you currently have an SAP Business One ERP system, it connects seamlessly with your business and helps you optimize your e-commerce operations so you can maximize revenues.

Information that has been compiled.

When you split your ERP and e-commerce platforms, one has data that the other may use. They frequently contain data that the other needs. This implies that your information is kept in two places at the same time. Not only does this add unnecessary complexity to your workflow, but it also requires someone to manually maintain these things in sync.

When the two solutions are linked, the issue of manually re-syncing data between them is eliminated. Your e-commerce solution’s payment and shipping information, order data, and client information are all suddenly transferred to your ERP.

There are currently tools in place to help you optimize your joiner, mover and leaver processes.

The majority of businesses currently have the tools they need to optimize their joiner, mover, and leaver processes. They can access them using their current IT infrastructures. SAP GRC Access Controls, for example, is a tool that has been implemented in the vast majority of SAP installations.

However, in many situations, just a small portion of the tool’s potential worth is realized. Many SAP GRC implementations have fallen short of realizing the benefits of automation in joiner, mover, and leaver procedures. This is made worse by the lack of HR integration, which, if implemented, would greatly simplify these operations.

The Marketing and sales performances are enhanced.

The SAP integrated business planning in Malaysia

Data is at the heart of today’s marketing departments. With integration, marketing may obtain analytics that is practically real-time. With marketing it can pinpoint which items are the most profitable to sell, thus contributing to profits and future success. Account managers receive real-time information on orders via automated EDI document flow if you’re broadening your sales channels with a multi-channel approach and distributing through a large box or independent shops. As a result, they are able to efficiently manage retailer relationships.

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