Use Of PSV in Malaysia

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What use is the PSV in the transport industry in Malaysia?

PSVs area unit sea vessels that deliver provides and instrumentation to and from offshore oil and gas support production platforms, offshore drilling rigs, and alternative offshore vessels and installations. the open deck of a PSV permits it to transfer products. The Group’s PSVs are up to ninety meters long and travel at up to fifteen knots. They will sometimes carry various up to five, 000 DWT and area units equipped with DPS and firefighting capabilities.

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– A platform provides vessel’s principal job is to transfer provides to the oil platform and come alternative cargoes to land. The product area units are dominated by product tanks for drilling fluid, fine-grained cement, diesel oil, potable and non-potable water, and chemicals needed within the drilling methods. Oil platforms nearly sometimes need fuel, water, and chemicals. Alternative chemicals should be coming to shore for correct utilization or disposal, however, fossil fuel product from the rig is often not a product carried by a provide vessel.


– On the massive decks of those warships, common and specialized tools are carried. The bulk transport is a combination of deck product and bulk product in tanks below deck. Several ships’ area units were designed (or re-fitted) to perform a selected task. For battling platform fires, many of those vessels area units equipped with fireplace fighting capabilities and fire monitors. To assist within the cleanup of associate oil spill put off, some vessels area unit equipped with oil containment and recovery technology. Alternative vessels are unit outfitted with the required tools, chemicals, and personnel to “work over” existing oil wells so as to spice up production.

Altus Marine Solutions by Altus Malaysia serves the highest notch marine services in Malaysia. A number of the services in relation to PSV Vessels are: 

– Multiple activities connected to boats associated with rigs that area units either delivered to the client as a part of an integrated package or individually. Lay-up, preservation, and maintenance, marine plus decommissioning, inspection, and certification, floating hose maintenance, repair, and vessel charters area unit are all a part of Altus’ scope of business.

– The company’s lay-up services comprise heated stacking (hot lay-up) and cold stacking (cold lay-up). They will conjointly examine your asset’s current location and the next destination whereas crucial is the perfect lay-up spot.

– To guarantee that the goal is reached, they will collaborate with you to make the best turkey lay-up scopes that suit your budget, plus integrity, and speedy reactivation necessities.

– Altus conjointly provides ship/rig preservation and maintenance, maritime plus decommissioning, review and certification, floating hose maintenance and repair, and vessel charters additionally to lay-up services. 

According to MMA Offshore, these areas unit the categories of PSV vessels in Malaysia:

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