The Role of the Internet in our Lives

Some people may claim that having no wifi is the best thing that could happen. They’re the very same people who think it’s terrible and that millennials spend their entire day online. They aren’t totally wrong; research shows that constant social media use can have a negative impact on our lives.

What are the advantages of not having access to the internet?

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Being disconnected from the internet could be beneficial to our personal relationships. We’d start to concentrate on the present moment because we wouldn’t have a screen to divert our attention. Consider going out to dinner with your friends and genuinely chatting with them. And, while the conversation may still be about gossip, it will be about the real world. There are numerous advantages to living without the internet, but one, in particular, stands out: you would be capable of actually interacting with people. The advantages extend beyond the amount of time that we spend awake. Our obsession with connected devices is interfering with our sleep.

The disadvantages of not having access to the internet

Of course, it’s easy to imagine how miserable life would be without the internet. It would be much more difficult to communicate with your companions on a routine basis. However, it would deprive many of us of a vital sense of community. This could include everything from fantasy sports leagues to virtual mental health support groups. As a consequence, we might be more isolated than ever. However, there are more drawbacks than you might think. To obtain new songs beyond the radio, you’d have to go to a store and purchase a digital version in person. 

What would happen if we didn’t have access to the internet?


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The internet has accelerated our ability to consume news and information. We’d have to rely on TV shows, newspaper articles, and, most troubling of all, word of mouth if we didn’t have it. Imagine how unstable politics would be if there were even as there are fewer sources of information available and no way to authenticate their credibility. You can expect politics to take an unexpected turn, though you cannot be sure which way it will go.


It’s a running joke that if you use WebMD to look up your symptoms, you’ll eventually conclude that you have every illness imaginable. However, accessibility to a symptom database online has undoubtedly aided millions. We can self-diagnose with some accuracy using such platforms. This saves us both time and funds on healthcare expenses. There would be plenty of, possibly unnecessary, trips to the doctor if it didn’t exist. Even so, healthcare experts now depend on a networked environment to transmit patient information and study conditions. Without the internet, this process would undoubtedly be slowed.


Trying to work without the internet appears to be an impossible task. Whether you have a global team or simply want to publicize locally, the world wide web has a significant impact on our productivity. Without it, we’d have to rely on word-of-mouth, print and television advertising, and take days to accomplish even the simplest tasks. Furthermore, for some brands, world trade would be excruciatingly slow and tedious, perhaps even impossible. Overall, scaling as is done in the existing economy would be nearly impossible.


Similarly, our purchasing perceptions would be severely limited. Fashion trends would slow because new styles would take more time to spread. Global sales would be extremely difficult from there, and entrepreneurship would suffer. Consider technology in the absence of crowdfunding campaigns.


People certainly take having an app that shows all of their financial affairs in one place for granted. In a world without the internet, you’d be using a basic checkbook and contacting your financial institution to obtain your balance. It also means that paying bills will take much longer because banks will be less connected.

Social life

Hanging out with companions would revert to old habits. You’d have to write letters to distant friends or revert to paying exorbitant long-distance rates. Do you want to make arrangements? You’d best hope that your friends recall the date of the event. You would, however, rely on face-to-face interactions, which would motivate you to go out and see other people more frequently.

General information

The days of Google Maps or Waze would be over. A library card and considerable effort would be required for research for a school assignment or a work project. You would lose a substantial amount of information available if you didn’t archive the entire world wide web and print it before it went away. Our society would ultimately suffer as a result of this absence of knowledge.


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The world wide web has been a critical tool in assisting law enforcement in identifying and apprehending suspects. It’s also an effective method for gathering evidence. Without the internet, cybercrime would be eliminated, but it would leave an enormous hole for new criminal offences. Criminals are more likely to carry out more crimes if they are aware of the limitations of CCTV in areas where there are no cloud, digital locks, or alarm systems. At the very least, our society would see a significant rise in crimes before new techniques could replace existing systems.

To summarise, the internet has clearly improved our lives. You can interact with individuals from all over the world and even keep friends that were initially impossible to maintain, no matter how good a pen pal you had been. We prosper on the internet and appreciate everything it has accomplished for innovation so much so that we are extremely picky about the internet service providers that we choose for our homes. Many people turn to Time 500mbps as it’s proven to be a good option for home usage. However, life is about finding a happy medium. People have access to the internet, which they can use or not use for almost anything. However, it is strongly advised that they unplug from time to time in order to communicate with those around them and the world.

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