Tips to bring Sex Toys into the Bedroom

You’ve got your go-to vibrator for self-love and you are thinking  about sharing your favorite toy with your spouse. Orgasms need external clitoral stimulation, which isn’t always present during intercourse. In other words, sex toys fill the gap between what we receive from sex and what we desire from sex. They are your helpful hand. They appear like a natural fit for your sex life.

But introducing sex toys into the bedroom may be difficult. You are not alone in your fear of bringing your sex toys into your relationship.

If you (or your spouse) are apprehensive about using sex toys, consider these four tips. 

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Prepare for Awkwardness

When you mention using vibrators in the bedroom, your spouse may feel intimidated or insulted. This could be because y here is still some deep-seated insecurity that comes with using sex toys. A vibrator in the bedroom is like saying your spouse isn’t good enough.Well, that’s  False!

Have an open and honest discussion about why this excites you. Tell your spouse it’s novel, quirky, and entertaining. It’s something you can do jointly to broaden your sexual repertoire.

Remember that vibrators aren’t just for you. They are very pleasurable on the penis, perineum, and ball sack. Vibrating sex toys can also surprise your lover if they haven’t tried one before.

Go Shopping Together

You want this to be something special for both of you. Invite your companion to join you at the store or online. It may reassure them that there are many sex toys to choose from, as well as safe locations to buy them. Enjoy a fantastic customer experience.

Prepare to get gunned down while shopping. It may be too much. That’s fine! First time sex toy use may be frightening. If you’re alone, enjoy it. Choose something both of you will like. 

Avoid Choosing Gigantic Dildo

Start with something safe. You want it to be fun and thrilling, not scary. Opt for the best vibrator for women. Your spouse will be surprised at how simple and easy it is to make you cum. 

Focus On Enjoyment

Bought it? Great. Keep the sex toy game for you and your companion. Your best friend will be dirty talk. Admit to your spouse how wonderful they make you feel.

The item should be a component of the experience, not the focal point. Remind your spouse how much you like their penis/vulva/body.

Avoid mentioning the toy. You may either use the toy on your lover or on yourself. They want to cheer you up. If they see you having fun, they may be more open to incorporating sex toys in the daily routine.

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