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Dispelling Cons of Educational Websites

There is no doubt educational sites have many pros, but there are also cons to overcoming them. In this short article, we will briefly explain some of the cons of educational websites and where we can find the best website design company in Penang to create the website. Some cons of educational websites are as follows:

The Importance of a Website for Your Business Success
  • Although technology has many pros for people with disabilities, there are still many obstacles, especially for vision problems. Books and information need to be phased out and the emergence of a new e-book reading technology that benefits the eyes has the potential to benefit blind students and faculty as well.
  • Certain face-to-face courses use live events to help students better understand specific topics. Courses such as art, science, and math are directly linked to the activities students can learn. Sometimes it is very difficult to transfer this type of learning to educational sites.
  • The worst thing about the educational website is that they need a stable internet connection. Have you ever been in the middle of an online assignment and something happened to your internet connection? Having a bad or unreliable internet connection can also be a problem for educational websites. If there is a problem with the Internet, students cannot log into the website to complete the assignment. Slow links can take a long time to download files and restrict access to certain file types such as video or audio recordings. This can be frustrating and lead students to miss important deadlines. Computer viruses can quickly kill students online, and a power outage blocks access to teaching websites.
  • With time and technology, as educational websites evolve, instructors struggle to determine understanding and mastery through an online assessment has also increased. Students are very creative in cheating in online classrooms, as highlighted recently in an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The article describes how a group of students use Google Docs to share test answers online and help each other get the correct answer. Students who submit a question before the test, others start looking for the correct answer. Trade until each student who starts before the exam also scores low. This exception can be resolved with a blocked browser, but it could be an indication that the test is not suitable as a measure to understand. Students create class wikis to share, collect, and organize information. This kind of dynamic and interactive process would be a better solution than the test itself.
  • Educational websites may provide content, but do they offer the ability to interact with the material? The reading material is educational but not as interesting as classroom activities, projects, and role play (etc.). A good education website requires this ability to encourage active learning and to protect the subjects taught.

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